Conference abstract bi-grams – FOSS4GUK

I helped run a conference last week. As part of this I produced a wordcloud from the conference abstracts, although pretty it could have been more informative of the conference content. This blog post shows you how to make a network of conference bi-grams.


Cartography with R and QGIS, which to choose?

You should read this post if you want to learn about making maps in R and QGIS and what the advantages of each environment are.

Make an abstract booklet with R and LaTeX

Want to automate abstract booklet making? This is the post for you.

Getting a DOI for your code

This blog article is an explanation of sharing research code. It focuses on using the version control website Github and academic repository Zenodo.

Wordcloud of conference abstracts – FOSS4G Edinburgh

FOSS4G conference wordcloud of abstracts. Code included!

Spatial data and maps conference – FOSS4G

I’m helping organise a conference on (geo)spatial open source software – FOSS4G. We’re hosting it in the great city of Edinburgh, Scotland in September 2019. Abstract submissions: We’re very interested in hearing… Continue reading

Git push to multiple remotes

Like many, I develop work in a closed environment. But when a project is nearing completion I want to release it into the wild. My research needs to be supported by available code,… Continue reading

Plotting Scottish census data with some tidyverse magic

I’ve been working with the Scottish census recently, to investigate employment in land-based (agriculture, forestry and fishing) industry. A friend of mine has recently moved to Dumfries and Galloway – a rural, farming… Continue reading

I fell out with tapply and in love with dplyr

dplyr is much more useful than tapply, read on to find out why.

Monitoring electricity use

Find out how to use R to summarise electricity use by hour or day.