British Hydrological Society 2014 Symposium – poster

This is my second post about the British Hydrological Society biannual (every two years) Symposium 2014. Previously I wrote about the presentation I gave, this post covers the poster I took.

I got some excellent feedback on the poster, in essence its purpose was to engage UK hydrology with snow and to promote my primary dataset – the Snow Survey of Great Britain (SSGB). I’d presented a version of this poster before, but the BHS organisers were keen for the poster to not be landscape A0. This provided me with an opportunity to add a couple of bits and trim some of the fat.

The key addition to my work is an initial consideration of snow cover trends in Scotland. To my knowledge this is the first time detailed snow cover data has been summarised for the whole country over seven decades. The well read of you will notice a similarity of style to the IPCC report figure 4.19, which shows snow cover extent anomaly through time. For the background on the IPCC figure read page 358 (42/66) of the Observations: Cryosphere section of the IPCC AR5 document. A slight stumbling block was the termination of the SSGB in 2007, but I’ve recently been working with MODIS snow cover data and have summarised that to extend observations to include the last winter. Leading me helpfully onto caveats:

  • Most of the poster content appears in my SSGB paper
  • New material relates to trends and station observations
  • I have made no attempt to reconcile the MODIS and SSGB observations of snow, they record completely different things and shouldn’t really appear on the same graph – there is more work to do!

Otherwise, please enjoy and ask questions in the comments below.

Snow Survey of Great Britain and Scottish snow trends, as presented at BHS 2014.
Snow Survey of Great Britain and Scottish snow trends, as presented at BHS 2014.

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