QGIS user group – presentation

I spoke today at the second Scottish QGIS user group meeting. It was a diverse gaggle of practitioners including academics, council, quango and no doubt many more. Some really interesting talks went on, a few of which I took photos of (see below). Unfortunately I was so absorbed in the best two talks (Mag Low and Heikki Versanto) that I didn’t take any shots! They both demonstrated the excellent threejs plugin which allows you to create 3D fly throughs in html very quickly, Anita Graser has a good example.

I presented on working with time series raster data, a code light version of my previous post on working with MODIS satellite data. You can flick through my slides below:

A big thank you to Ross McDonald for organising the day, with support from Edina, Ordnance Survey and thinkWhere. Next time I’d like to see posters with a poster pitch session (1 min per pitch), after all – we’re all there to look at maps!

A few photos:

Ross making introductions.
Sponsor logos.
Angus Council promoting ‘a different way’.
A complicated data format from thinkWhere

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