International Conference on Alpine Meteorology 2015

I’m presenting a poster at ICAM next week. For those of you who aren’t able to make it along it’s shown below. For those that are – have a read and think of some good questions while you’re travelling; my work is evolving and I’m keen to receive feedback. The contents of this poster will be the basis for a paper I’ll submit later this year and will also form the last two chapters of my PhD thesis.

Key take away points are:

  • For certain areas of Scotland melt far exceeds the 42 mm/day currently used (if it every is) in hydrological assessment for flood estimation.
  • Parts (south and west) of Scotland seem to be getting a reduction in melt over time, other parts are possibly seeing an increase – but the trend is very weak.

There are lots of interesting bits (to me at least) in the work behind this poster which will appear in full in my thesis and no doubt the odd blog post – so stay tuned! As always, I’m happy for questions to be raised in the comments. The analysis and plots were done in R and QGIS and the poster made in Scribus, find out more about the software I use here.

Poster appearing at ICAM 2015 on Scottish snow hydrology.
Poster appearing at ICAM 2015 on Scottish snow hydrology (click to enlarge).


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