Scottish mountain snow: pre-viva talk

At Edinburgh University our PhD viva exams are behind closed doors, but we’re encouraged to present our work before the viva to help us to prepare. I gave my pre-viva talk today, in a seminar time slot with stiff competition from other talk series around the school!

In all honesty, I found it hard facing my thesis again. I’m not used to revisiting work, especially when it was such a huge effort. I was pleased to discover there was a lot more material than I remembered, and the biggest challenge was telling a linear, coherent story in only 40 ish minutes.

I’m not a fan of presentations with lots of text: the audience can either listen to you, or read what is on the screen. Both is not an option. So here are my slides, accompanied with very little text! A lot of these figures are in my thesis, which I’ll put online after my viva corrections (subject to passing). If you have any burning questions before it’s released, please ask them in the comments.


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