Transcribed Scottish snow data available (1945-2007)

I’m nearly 12 months late writing this post. I think it must have slipped my mind!

The primary dataset for my PhD was the snow survey of Great Britain. You can read more about it in this post. The short story is:

  • Scottish data covered 145 sites between 1945 and 2007 (see image below).
  • Observers collected the snowline visible from these sites on a daily basis.
  • This resulted in 16750 sheets of data, each describing one month at a single station.

To make these usable, I locked myself in the Edinburgh branch of the Met Office for 3 months to transcribe these.

Best practice in science involves us making our research repeatable and sharing primary data. As part of this I’ve archived a clean and tidy version of the snow survey of Great Britain on the EIDC (Environmental Information Data Centre). There’s also a data description document to explain what’s there. You can access both of these here:

Download Scottish snow survey data!

Ed Hawkins is trying to rescue weather records from the summit of Ben Nevis and needs your help! Check out his site to chip in on the transcription: .


Figure 1 from The Historical Snow Survey of Great Britain: Digitised Data for Scotland. Location of Scottish SSGB stations graded by record length in years. Contains Ordnance Survey and Met Office data © Crown copyright and database right 2014.