Is UK September weather improving?

A friend called me this week to ask about a news story he’d heard on the radio. He’d been listening to a caller say that this warm September in the UK was really… Continue reading

British Hydrological Society 2014 Symposium – poster

This is my second post about the British Hydrological Society biannual (every two years) Symposium 2014. Previously I wrote about the presentation I gave, this post covers the poster I took. I got… Continue reading

British Hydrological Society 2014 Symposium – presentation

At the beginning of September the British Hydrological Society held its biannual (every two years) symposium. I presented a presentation and a poster during this conference. Below is the presentation I gave. A… Continue reading

Electronic organisation of projects

I’ve been working on a number of different small projects recently, consequently I have been improving my file management. When I’m setting up a new project/thesis chapter/paper/etc. I’ve been trying to do it… Continue reading

MODIS: the many rastered beast, a how to guide

I’ve finally bitten the bullet and brought my data sources up to 2014 using snow cover data from the MODIS project. MODIS flies on two satellites, Aqua and Terra with the latter being… Continue reading

Writing to a database (R and SQLite)

Some time ago I wrote a post on preparing data for a database. Since then I’ve not been idle, just busy not writing for my blog! This article is a follow up and… Continue reading

Preparing data for a database

I previously posted about my new Snow Survey of Great Britain paper. Long overdue, but I’ve started working with the dataset as a whole, instead of individual stations. One of the key hurdles… Continue reading

Snow Survey of Great Britain

The main data gathering phase of my PhD was to digitise the Scottish records for the Snow Survey of Great Britain (SSGB). I did this over the winter of 2011/12. Since then I’ve… Continue reading

Web presence for PhDs/academics

At the start of this academic year (Sept 2013) I was asked to help out with introducing new PhD students to developing a web presence. To do this I wrote a presentation with… Continue reading

A field day in the Feshie

I was lucky enough to get out in the field last week with Andrew Black from Dundee University. Lucky in two respects, Andrew is very busy and I’ve recently become a father –… Continue reading