Fruit of Swedish fieldwork: canopy-height relationships

Way back in March 2012 I went to Abisko, Sweden on behalf of Tim Reid to collect data to help link forest canopy density with remotely measured tree height. As I’m learning, the… Continue reading

How to write functions and use lists in R

R is a programming language used for data analysis, statistics and graphics production. If you’ve not come across it before this video will give you some background: OK, OK, it couldn’t be much… Continue reading

Follow your favourite sites and journals with RSS

This post is for anyone that manually checks websites to see if there are any updates… there is a better way! RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication and is… Continue reading

Why tapply should be your new best friend

Ever been faced with a dataset with data spread across a range of categories? Perhaps you had shopper counts per day over a multi-year period and wanted to know what the footfall was… Continue reading

How to view and query elevation models and other raster data

Since I wrote my post on the OS Terrain 50 digital terrain model I’ve had a steady stream of internet searches sending people to my blog. I’ve also had a couple of questions… Continue reading

Operations on giant files

I’ve been preparing a paper recently on the Snow Survey of Great Britain. As part of this I’ve needed to work with some elevation data. I’d usually do this using a GIS like… Continue reading

GB potential evapotranspiration dataset

A few weeks ago I wrote about a method to derive incoming solar radiation for different latitudes. This was to help a GIS Masters student who’s looking to derive an equation for propwet… Continue reading

Avalanche and icebergs!

I retweeted a photo Iain Cameron put on twitter of icebergs in Loch Etchachan (Cairngorms) earlier today: Loch Etchachan, Ben Macdui, on 14th June. Yes, June. Icebergs? — Iain Cameron (@theiaincameron) June… Continue reading

Caleb’s List (The Arthur’s)

This post doesn’t really relate to snow, but has everything to do with mountains in Scotland. There’s been a bit of noise recently about Kellan MacInnes‘ book: Caleb’s List. This details the hills… Continue reading

Extraterrestrial radiation dataset

I am currently helping supervise a masters student for their summer project. They’re working on improving a parameter used in flood estimation. The drive for the project is to use the revised parameter… Continue reading