Operations on giant files

I’ve been preparing a paper recently on the Snow Survey of Great Britain. As part of this I’ve needed to work with some elevation data. I’d usually do this using a GIS like… Continue reading

GB potential evapotranspiration dataset

A few weeks ago I wrote about a method to derive incoming solar radiation for different latitudes. This was to help a GIS Masters student who’s looking to derive an equation for propwet… Continue reading

Avalanche and icebergs!

I retweeted a photo Iain Cameron put on twitter of icebergs in Loch Etchachan (Cairngorms) earlier today: Loch Etchachan, Ben Macdui, on 14th June. Yes, June. Icebergs? pic.twitter.com/MBiDdsQA6W — Iain Cameron (@theiaincameron) June… Continue reading

Caleb’s List (The Arthur’s)

This post doesn’t really relate to snow, but has everything to do with mountains in Scotland. There’s been a bit of noise recently about Kellan MacInnes‘ book: Caleb’s List. This details the hills… Continue reading

Extraterrestrial radiation dataset

I am currently helping supervise a masters student for their summer project. They’re working on improving a parameter used in flood estimation. The drive for the project is to use the revised parameter… Continue reading

Ordnance Survey Terrain 50 elevation model

UPDATE: Since writing this post I’ve had communication with the Ordnance Survey who have looked into the issues raised. The latest Terrain 50 data available supersedes this post and so I suspect the… Continue reading

Vote for talks you want to hear at a conference!

I’ve been following the build up to the FOSS4G UK event and last week the call for presentations/papers closed. Today I saw a link on twitter saying that voting for papers was now… Continue reading

Winter special radio interview – the success of social networking

On Tuesday this week I was struggling in the office whilst there were amazing forecasts for the Scottish Highlands. Tough gig! So like many others I tweeted about my first world problems: Wishing… Continue reading

Swedish fieldwork, part 2

Following on from the previous post on my Swedish fieldwork here is the belated second and final part. Diary I departed the UK early on Saturday 3rd March 2012 and returned the afternoon… Continue reading

Excuses, excuses…

So it’s been a long while since I added anything to this blog. I do have a number of posts in the pipeline but am currently waste deep in organising a conference! For… Continue reading