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Plotting Scottish census data with some tidyverse magic

I’ve been working with the Scottish census recently, to investigate employment in land-based (agriculture, forestry and fishing) industry. A friend of mine has recently moved to Dumfries and Galloway – a rural, farming… Continue reading

I fell out with tapply and in love with dplyr

dplyr is much more useful than tapply, read on to find out why.

Monitoring electricity use

Find out how to use R to summarise electricity use by hour or day.

Presenting survey data

Use R to present findings from likert questions in surveys.

Ordnance Survey Terrain 50: merging in R

I’ve written previously about Ordnance Survey’s Terrain 50 data and how you can merge it together. You can download the dataset from the OS’s opendata repo. I’d like to update that post with… Continue reading

GB postcode polygons – open data

Newly published postcode open data!

dplyr, (mc)lapply, for-loop and speed

Want to know whether lapply is quicker than a for-loop? Is there a faster solution? This is the place!

Getting started with spatial data in R – EdinbR talk

Slides from January 2018 EdinbR session on spatial data in R.

Transcribed Scottish snow data available (1945-2007)

I’m nearly 12 months late writing this post. I think it must have slipped my mind! The primary dataset for my PhD was the snow survey of Great Britain. You can read more… Continue reading

RPostgreSQL and schemas

The database PostgreSQL can have different schemas. These work like a window for users, where they get to see specific things within a database, e.g. tables. In this post we’ll look at how… Continue reading